“Liars Everywhere” from a street in Georgia, 1990

The latest video post is from March 1990.  Although the exact location isn’t known, this clip was believed to have been shot in Decatur, Georgia on March 17th when Toad was on tour opening for Michael Penn.  Featuring Dean Dinning on clarinet and Glen Phillips on bass, this performance is an early and rare performance of a Pale classic.

“Always Changing Probably” from Las Vegas

Toad’s fall 1997 tour saw them dust off classics that had been on the shelves for year. The first show of the tour featured a song that, according to Dean, had never been played life before. “Always Changing Probably” was played a few more times on the tour and then disappeared back into the archives with only one known performance of the “Bread and Circus” classic during the spring 2003 tour at the Avalon in Boston, MA.


“Figure Out” from Lapdog’s 2nd gig

The band Lapdog formed in late 1998/early 1999 and featured Toad the Wet Sprocket members Todd Nichols and Dean Dinning along with Rob Taylor and Erik Herzog. They played their first gig as Lapdog on the night of 4/10/1999 at Club Nym in Santa Barbara, CA. No known recording exists for that show but they played a second show the following night that was recorded. The setlist from that night was filled with songs that would form the core of their 2000 release “Near Tonight.” “Figure Out” was the first song they played.