All I Want

“All I Want”
written by Glen Phillips
Nothing’s so loud
The truth is not kind
And you’ve said neither am I
But the air outide so soft is saying everything

All I want is to feel this way
To be this close, to feel the same
All I want is to feel this way
The evening speaks, I feel it say

Nothing’s so cold
As closing the heart when all we need
Is to free the soul
But we wouldn’t be that brave I know
And the air outside so soft, confessing everything


And it won’t matter now
Whatever happens will be
Though the air speaks of all we’ll never be
It won’t trouble me

And it feels so close
Let it take me in
Let it hold me so
I can feel it say

NOTES: Toad’s biggest single to date, released on fear. It’s peak ARC Top 40 position was #9 (1992), and it spend 13 weeks on the chart. Played live countless times, debuted 11/90.