All She Said

“All She Said”
written by Glen Phillips and/or Todd Nichols
Will my bride sleep tonight
Believe the words
As always lying
And she sleeps and dreams
Lord knows what
But it’s not for me to be there
And she knows she isn’t there for me
It’s just a way of protecting
And will my bride believe the lie
Says it’s all right; still together ’til we die
But she knows that words aren’t always
Always what we mean to say
But still she says she loves me anyway
That’s all she said
One more word she speaks and says good night
She would believe enchanted lies
I wait for her but still inside
She’s dreaming of Valentino’s eyes
Far away in someone else’s night
It isn’t wrong but still it isn’t right
That’s all she said

NOTES: This Pale outtake was later released on In Light Syrup (1995)