Always Changing Probably

“Always Changing Probably”
written by Glen Phillips and/or Todd Nichols
I wanted to follow you
Down to your well-furnished cave
And to laugh at your art
I wanted to tell you the truth
But I’m always afraid
That you’ll be torn apart
Oh, say the word
And I’ll tell you you’re wrong
Oh, say the word
I’ve been waiting too long
But when you talk
There’s nothing to hear
I’m always changing
You’re too far or too near
I wanted to tell her the truth
But I’m always afraid it’s not in her heart
I wanted to say how I felt
But I’m always afraid
That she’ll stop when I start
Oh, say the word
When we’re there at her home
Oh, say the word
‘Cause I don’t want to be alone
But when she talks
She’s all that I hear
How can I help it
You are always too near

NOTES: Released on Bread & Circus (1989).