Are We Afraid

“Are We Afraid”
written by Glen Phillips
Wasn’t it hard
And did we want penance
Summer’s so long
Colder men when their ice prayer never came

Didn’t we fight it
And weren’t we hard
Holding back a friend of mine
All the way coming home

Aren’t we the ones who never got tired?

Wasn’t it magic
The flames rolled and I said okay
Weren’t we just asking
For something to come our way

Are we another, were we afraid?
Is there a hope that we’ll wait to walk a time?
he’s a long road

and i feel like a newborn again
but the night holds on
i’m coming home

Don’t we mind waiting
And are we ashamed
Coming here in the black dark night
And I don’t feel so strange

Are we the lady?
Were we afraid?
Are we the summer…

NOTES: This fear outtake was later released on In Light Syrup (1995).